In the News

TV Coverage

31/12/2012 Al Saeed News Channel Nun EL-Neswa Programme

20/1/2013 Oun TV

15/1/2013 Yaqeen News

27/2/2013 Mare Morkos Channel

Extended interviews on Yaqueen News TV from January 2013 can be found: here for an interview with Mr. Hossam Al Amir, here with Dr. Howaida Mostafa, here with Dr. Nahed Hamza, and here with project Coordinator Dr, Hanan El Guindy.

Print Media

The following is a brief sampling of some of the coverage the project has received.

19/1/2013 Veto Gate News

Arab Forum for Environment calls for the inclusion of women’s issues on the agenda of the work of media…

read full article (in Arabic)

18/1/2013 El Balad 

Young journalists are demanding the inclusion of women’s issues on the agenda of press and media institutions…

read full article (in Arabic)

18/1/2013 Watani 

Students, youth, media professinoals and journalists need to work together incorporate women’s issues into the press coverage priorities of media institutions and social media to change the negative image and stereotypes of women….

read full article (in Arabic) 21/2/2013

Shorouk News Training courses began in Alexandria, organized by the Forum of Arab Media for Environment and Development in collaboration with the European Union to enhance the skills of youth media and journalists in impartial and balanced coverage of women’s issues…

read full article (in Arabic)


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