Voices of Egypt

Speak up Egypt helps give women and men in the media and civil society the tools to speak up about women’s rights. Below are some of the latest efforts of project participants:


Fathya Eldeb from Sharkeya published this story and video on the first authorised female judiciary in Egypt and the Muslim world:

بالفيديو.. أمل سليمان أول مأذونة شرعية بمصر: وثقت 2000 عقد والمصريون يحرصون على عقد قرانهم بآخر عشرة أيام برمضان.. ومسلسل نونة المأذونة كان سطحيا وأصعب حالة طلاق انفصال سيدة عن زوجها لعدم قدرته

ONTV interview on the participation of women in politics after the Egyptian revolution:

Check back regularly to hear updates of what other participants of the Speak Up Egypt Project are doing.

sharqia 1 14


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