Speak Up Egypt Activities

The Speak Up Egypt project trained 187 media professionals and civil society to use various media tools and advocacy skills to deeply explore local women’s issues including FGM, violence against women, discrimination, and women in the workforce. 6 day training workshops took place in the governorators in the Greater Cairo, Alexandria, Sharqia, Suez, Menya, and Qena for local women’s rights activists and media professionals selected from print, radio, and TV.

Targeted Governorates

All trainings included the following sessions:

Day 1 focused on a general background of women’s issues that participants will mostly likely cover to expose them to the types of problems women face in their daily lives.

Day 2 began with honing the participants’ interview, communication, and investigation skills, preparing the journalists and activists, especially men, on how to approach women’s issues in sensitive and appropriate manners.

Day 3 and 4 were devoted to training the participants on video making so they could reach greater variety of audience through high quality videos and documentaries. This training included elements of cinematography, audio and sound, film and audio editing, and creating storyboards.

Day 5 taught the participants how to engage the public through social media tools.

Day 6 provided trainees different ways to use media to advocate for women’s rights and push for greater civic engagement and policy reform to address women’s issues throughout Egypt. The trainees were introduced to a combination of theoretical discussions to debate the merits of human rights and civil rights laws and practical exercises to rehearse their journalist skills.

speak up egypt suez 5
Trainees collaborating during the Suez Workshop

These trainings provided the backbone to allow participating men and women to integrate gender sensitivity into their work in the media and civil society.  To hear what participants had to say read about their experiences here.